Earring matching with computer vision

You got home late, took out your earrings, but by morning half of the pair magically vanished. This was weeks ago, you have already vacuumed a couple of times, and now it's time to admit that the missing one is not going to be found ever again.

So how do you buy a replacement if it's no longer in stock in the original shop, it's from a cute little boutique on the other end of the globe, or you are faced with one of the million other reasons that make some jewelry untraceable? Some saints are helping people through Facebook groups using painstaking manual labor.

How about getting a little help from AI? Computer vision is getting pretty good at finding and matching things on photos. This could be a great foundation for a webshop that helps you find earrings based on photos. As completing a beloved set of earrings delivers enormous value, customers would not mind paying a little extra for the magic.